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 Fraps 2 9 5 cracked for recording Videos and Films.

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PostSubject: Fraps 2 9 5 cracked for recording Videos and Films.   Fri Jul 02, 2010 3:11 am

oke now the new program is fraps program which can help us to get to record some videos in games it will help u also to record in desktop and then upload it to youtube and enjoy it. the best of all is fraps 2 9 5 u can record as u want, u are registered there which can take much videos as u want, .avi videos,


How to use it?
it is easy after downloading it , install then open the program, then go in any game you want, or if you want to record ur desktop click FPS then tick "Monitor Desktop Windows Manager", then use these bottons

Recording Video/ to stop recoring click it again.
F10:-[/u]Capture Screenhots
F12:-[/u]change Overlay Corner

Now the download link :

enjoy capturing Videos and Screenhots.
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Fraps 2 9 5 cracked for recording Videos and Films.
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