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PostSubject: DR GunZ   DR GunZ I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 23, 2007 7:37 pm

Site : www.DRGunZ.Net
Forums : www.DRGunZ.Net/forum

Quote :
This is a private Gunz server made by a non-profitable association of people who do their best effort working here providing you all the best Gunz: The Duel gaming experience of your lifes.
We all hope you come to stay and enjoy meeting us or playing with us.

-----DRGunz Getting Connected-----

DRGUNZ Full updated Folder for Windows XP:
(do not use download managers/acelerators)

DRGUNZ WIP Folder here for Windows Vista:
By Kolie/Wicked - http://www.megaupload.com/pt/?d=T2KBLAY7
FIlefront - http://files.filefront.com/VistawShopFixrar/;8016525;;/fileinfo.html

Register an ingame account here:
(ignore the error messages)

Register a forum account here:
If you see an error message making the forum account ignore and login with the info you wrote.

If you see "check for updates" when the server is on, try adding "gunzlauncher.exe" to your firewalls trusted/safe/ignore zone or simply turn off ALL your firewalls.
For windows firewall go to start menu - control panel - windows firewall - exceptions list - add there "daemonsring.exe"

If you have "Error Creating Game" and need to restart gunz it's because you need the maps you don't have.

You can use the /wipeaccout command to wipe your inventory ingame - And /fixchar if you have the "invisible char" bug/glitch on the char selection screen, and the /sexchange command LOL

-----DaemonsRing Rules-----

"Please be aware hacking/swapping is punishable by IP ban"

A full list of rules for ingame and forum is located here:

-----DaemonsRing Full Features-----

1. The Server has a 30x experience boost, so you don't need to hack to level up fast

2. Also Infinite Bounty, you don't have to fight to buy the premiums even on level 1 ^_^

3. Full free custom premium items, all brilliantly balanced in order to make your gaming experience perfect (no 1-hit kills)

4. All the official maps + custom maps made by our players, why don't you try and make one?

5. Clan War mode exclusive Server with ranking tables ingame and on the website.

6. Quest mode exclusive Server including custom quests and bosses, all giving fair xp according to the server 30x xp boost and also tuned for different levels, easier and harder quests
Goblin King = Goblin Skull + Crimson Necklace
Giant Skeleton = Large Skull + Skeleton Doll
The Unholy/Lich = Scrider Book 1
Superion = Srider Book 2
Goblin missions - change map to Mansion and use pages
Skeleton missions - change map to Dungeon and use pages

7. The NoX Server (still in development), a new Gunz emulator coded by Kolie that corrects most of MAIET's flaws, think of it as a new game engine, providing an almost secure hack free game, no lag (!), better performance, multiple programming inovations like unlimited Quest possibilities.. and much more!

8. A superb staff team that constantly improves the game and helps you with all the connection problems or game help you'll need, hunting all hackers and playing with you or making events to make sure you are enjoying Daemons Ring to the fullest!

Hope you enjoy your stay on Daemons Ring Gunz.
The Best Gunz Private Server

I am ShadowKing/NeoDio, Daemons Ring Administrator, programmer, staff manager, forum moderator, player help/support.
Contact me on the forums, ingame, or msn ShadowKing555@hotmail.com

NOTE: The /jjang command admins can give you are just funny korean symbols above your head meaning "Event Winner", use them to distract the enemy,lol!
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